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The Club holds annual round-table meetings in the city of Tampere, Finland. The meetings take place in the Tampere Hall, which provides excellent facilities for both meetings and larger conventions.

The XI Tampere Club Meeting is held on 10th - 12th September 2012. The general theme of the meeting is "Challenges of Welfare State". The Meeting is held at the Tampere Hall.

Past Meetings:

The X Annual Tampere Club Meeting
The Tampere Club will celebrate its 10th anniversary by holding a Jubilee Seminar and Meeting on "Democracy and Law". The date is 7 - 9 September 2011 and the venue is the Tampere Hall.

The IX annual meeting took place on Tuesday 31 August - Wednesday 1 September 2010 at the Tampere Hall. The General theme of the Meeting was Democracy and Knowledge.

In 2009 the VIII annual meeting's General theme was "Democracy and Security". Presentations were held by Professors Geoffrey Brennan and Ruth Zimmerling.

In 2008 the VII annual meeting's general theme was"Democracy and Social Progress". Professors Michael Baurmann, Ruth Zimmerling, Reinhard Zintl and Teivo Teivainen opened the sessions.

In 2007 theme was "Democracy and Varieties of Fundamentalism". Main speakers were Professors Michael Baurmann, Russell Hardin, Avishai Margalit and Jorge Larraín.

The general topic of the V meeting of The Tampere Club in 2006 was "Varieties of Democracy". Professors James Fishkin, Juan Carlos Bayón, Bruno S. Frey and invited guest Professor Maija Setälä were the main speakers. Articles based on the discussions in the meeting will be published on The Tampere Club Series Volume 3.

The IV meeting was held in 5-6 September 2005. The general theme of the meeting was "Inequality and Democracy".

In the III meeting the general topic was "Social and Cultural Conditions of Democracy". The topic of the II meeting, held 18-20 September 2003 was "Globalisation and Democracy” and the topic of the I Tampere Club meeting, held 8–10 July 2002, was "Future of Democracy”.

The meetings themselves are open to the media but not to the public. They are high-level round-table meetings, whose informative value is surely significant. However, this information will be targeted primarily at key policy-makers, leaders of societal opinion and academics from many countries rather than directly at the general public.